The Ilfeld ballroom, Las Vegas NM

Ross and I decided to do a little road trip to Las Vegas, New Mexico. We wanted to test being on the road and do a posting on our blog. We went to the Plaza Hotel and found out it has been completely restored, except….the ghost is still there, our waiter told us. We checked out the ballroom. They were getting ready for a dinner party thrown by the mayor of the town. $100 for a plate, $1000 for a whole table. The money would be donated to good causes. Take that, Wall Street!


Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie - Swingle Barge - with steam engine and whistle - 3 toots and the Swingles are coming This is designed to service marinas and canals of the Keys - Dream sketch by Ross Lewallen


"Everything's Working Out Perfectly"

I will keep this Huna saying by Serge King front and center for our entire journey from Santa Fe to Key West

Towing Paradox to meet Tom Nims in Corrales NM

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It was a beautiful bright sunny day in mid October – but in New Mexico more summer than fall. We started early in the morning getting ready to tow Paradox down to Tom Nims in Corrales. Tom is a master boat doctor and an extremely amiable man. He and his crew are going to give Paradox a tune-up and a bottom job. As you can see, Tom also loves tractors of any age – and they all run. After leaving Paradox with Tom we went to the Oasis in Corrales for lunch. Ross had a chicken burrito that came with pineapple and strawberries on the side which was a first. I met Jasmine from Denmark – nice to be able to talk Danish right in Corrales!

We are regular customers at David’s New Mexico Tea Company in Albuquerque and went there to stock up with several of his teas to sell on our trip. We were met by his employ Ann who suggested we check out the organic Masala Chai with hot milk and honey. We just did and it is super delicious! We will be featuring a tea called Mana-Tea with Ross’ manatee painting on the label. Driving down Mountain road in our jeep – windows open and 82 degrees F – we passed by a yard sale. We saw 3 accordions and decided to see whether there were any violins for sale. The friendly gentleman said he was moving down by the Zoo to talk to the elephants every day. Nobody stopped by his house anymore he said. He had to have a yard sale to get somebody to talk to. He did say he knew someone who had a violin and 8 guitars maybe for sale, but she was in California for the time being.


My grandson’s art of a deep sea creature

A dangerous predator that might live 27k ft belowthe surface. Maybe a Fangtooth. We might be sailing above some of these fellow in the Keys.

Could be a Fangtooth - living 27k feet deep in the sea - a dangerous predator that can light up.

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