The new motor mount for my Minn Kota on the new seahawk II

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This a slick attachment to the Seahawk II to hold either a small gas engine or electric power. It will enable both Hanne and I to get supplies, hit restaurants, marinas, fish, swim, snorkel, explore everglades and islands while Paradox is at anchor or in a marina. I also have a solar charger for the Minn Kota plus oars if needed. I have only had the Seahawk II inflated in my front room. It is sure a fine well made vessel. I can’t wait to drop it in the warm waters of the Keys.


My new painting of a Seahawk II dink – a dream ride over some coral reef

It felt good after doing this painting - one of those paintings when your finished you lean back and say OK!!

Eppie’s Sailboat Image

emerging from a sea of snow

“For me what is appealing about this image is how the snow is so much like the sea (even if in some more solid form – more than froth, less than ice)… it’s like the boat has been tossed around in the waves of a storm… but it is not a scary feeling, filled with apprehension about survival… more like feeling completely alive, embracing life fully… because there seems to be a clear direction in where it is going, with the confidence of an expert, managing to overcome immediate difficulties and forging directly ahead towards its goal, whatever that may be… and as the rational mind analyses the photo, seeing it for what it really is, it is like emerging from one realm, and getting ready to enter another… like waking up from a dream and realizing that life is so exciting and I am just sitting here, in the midst of this solid and still structural reality of the physical world… and suddenly I am ready to launch myself into the next stage in this dynamic life where everything is beginning once again to flow. I don’t know if I make sense. In any case, this photo feels so dynamic to me, despite its stillness.”
Eppie is a Flickr friend of mine. I value the way she sees the world and her exquisite words.

My whale paintings

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Hialoakapua's Photostream

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