Deep blue sea

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Stone crab, yellowtail snapper, lobster, shrimp, salmon, mahi mahi, scallop, conch, tuna, grouper, hogfish, barracuda, dolphin, marlin, sailfish, whale, manatee… The beauty of the coral reefs, the mysteries of the mangroves, the alternate rising and falling of the sea, usually twice in each lunar day at a particular place, due to the attraction of the moon and sun. Every time I get on or off the boat I have to watch and estimate my step. The tide is always there to remind me that we are hooked up to the greater powers of the universe, even on a 22-foot sailboat at a small marina in Key Largo, Florida. Spending time in the Keys is constantly being exposed to the richness of the 2/3 of our planet “Earth” that is water. It gives me a deep feeling of gratitude to the waterways around us (and within us where also 2/3 is water). Thin stripes of land where two oceans meet have such powerful energy. I have experienced this by Skagen and Grenen, the northern tip of Denmark, where the North Sea and the Skagerak literally clash together. Here in the Keys the Atlantic Ocean is to the left and the Gulf of Mexico is to the right when you go south – or vice versa when you go north. There is always water just around the corner. I do believe it helps keeping people young. The amount of older people here that are really outgoing and active seems to be quite high. For instance Ross and I met two sisters, both in their 80’es. They enjoyed going out to new restaurants, they loved watching the manatees at sunset, and one of the sisters truly resented that her son who wouldn’t let her keep a boat so she could go out fishing on her own! My Danish high school friend Gudrun tells me she is going to Vancouver to celebrate her uncle who is turning 90. He takes a bath in the Pacific every morning year round, and on his 90-year-old birthday she is going to dive down in the Pacific with him – in January mind you, brrrrr!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nina
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 20:30:29

    So nice to see beautiful beings in a beautiful place. Spread the peace.


  2. Alison
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 13:22:16

    Ahhhhhh, blue sea and blue sky. Lovely to see!


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