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Every boat represents a dream. Our neighbor who is staying in one of the rentals at the 112 Mile marker Marina has bought a little flat-bottomed motorboat so he can go out and catch his own dinner. The boat next to us, a beautiful 25-foot Lancer, is owned by a man from Miami who has upgraded it with all sorts of stuff. Now he is putting it up for sale. He wants “a heavier boat” so he can sail out to the Bahamas and beyond. One of his buddies from the sailing class has recently retired. He has carried the dream of sailing the world with him all along and now it is time! I know for sure that Ross had a dream of sailing around the Caribbean. He even came part of the way, got the right boat – s/v Soul Catcher – but the wrong mate. The dream ended with a storm below deck several years back. For my own part, I like the boat as a kind of floating house. The last couple of days have been warm, but pretty windy here so Ross and I have spent some time below deck (no storm below deck though). I also look forward to some coastal sailing. However, I don’t really enjoy all the work that comes with a sailboat – whereas Ross likes it, as long as it is warm outside. Soon we will be moving down to Big Pine Key where we have rented a small cottage with a slip. We just got the repaired motor back for Paradox. Last night we had dinner with our good friend Paul who is a boat dreamer at large. He has founded the Key Lime Sailing Club where Ross and I spent 10 lovely days last year. Your cottage comes with sailboat, kayaks and all. I can absolutely recommend this beautiful place:


So…what does your inner dreamboat look like?


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  1. Alison
    Feb 04, 2012 @ 12:55:14

    I dream of swimming almost every night, but there’s no boat, so I guess my dreamboat is safely on land, where I can venture back and forth, from land to water and back again! Love your photos – are those bananas hanging up high ? Looks like a nice relaxing place to be.


  2. Michael
    Feb 05, 2012 @ 15:05:47

    Hi Hanne, Hi Ross. We finished our pedalling to Key West and are back in Europe already. We try to extend our stay by harking back to special moments of the journey. Your blog, your photos helps! Wish we could have spent a couple of hours more with the two of you; was a pleasure to meet you at milemarker 112.
    Best wishes, Michael (& Sonja)
    PS – my dreamboat would have two wheels and may certainly require the 1/3


    • s/v Paradox
      Feb 05, 2012 @ 18:00:23

      Hallo Michael and Sonja.
      Good to hear from you! We saw you on the 7 mile bridge, heading towards Key West on your bikes. We were in a white jeep and honked at you but couldn’t stop right then and there. Yes, it would be nice to spend more time with you. Come to Santa Fe on your dreamboat!

      Viele Grßüsse, tschüss,



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