Departure and arrival

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Ross and I finished our stay in Key Largo by checking in on the African Queen. She is docked by the Holiday Inn after her adventures with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn in Africa. Last time we saw her she was in pretty bad shape. I am happy to announce that good people are now restoring the one and only African Queen. Then we got Paradox out of the water with some difficulty because of wind and current. Departures and arrivals tend to be extra challenging on my bad mechanics because I have to figure out new systems. My first bummer happened when I was locking the gate after we got the jeep and the trailer with Paradox ready to roll down to the lower Keys. I forgot to put myself on the outside of the gate so I almost locked myself in before I discovered my mistake. Ross and I left in a big laugh over that one. We have now arrived safely in Big Pine Key. We are staying in a small, but beautiful rented cottage with a slip on the canal going out to Bogie Channel. Here are pelicans, egrets, iguanas and the tiny deer that are unique to this area. Here are fewer bugs because we are out of the mangroves so my skin is getting back to normal. They do have mosquito nets here, which is a good thing. But I come from Scandinavia where we have solid doors that are either open or closed. I am not used to these screen doors that are kind of in the middle of open and closed. So far I have bumped into our screen door twice with big laughs as a result. I see Kay Hep’s character Rosie in the African Queen as a kindred spirit. Except – my captain doesn’t drink! We have been hunkering down for a few days until Mother Nature lays down the wind so we can get Paradox launched and motor from the Old Wooden Bridge marina over to our slip.


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  1. monique rohde
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 19:48:57

    if my memory serves me right, i saw the african queen in Mallorca in the early 60’s, she seemed an old grand lady already then. One day she’ll be in a museum…in the meantime may she have smooth sailing
    the spot you describe sounds enchanting and the photos bring it all here, thank you, I am enjoying your adventure


  2. Alison
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 10:54:25

    Your photos bring a bit of warmth, sunshine and colour to our cold and wintery landscape here. Wow – deer, iguanas, fish, so much to look at ! And the African Queen too! Hope the wind drops soon and Paradox is in your slip, and you will be out sailing soon.Love to you both !
    Your dreamboat comment made me smile – and think a little. Hmmmm interesting thought.
    Alison and Rob


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