Hemingway and Key West

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Ross and I went on a daytrip down to Key West. We saw Ernest Hemingway’s beautiful mansion – his writing studio with a view, pictures of his four wives, his cat family with the extra toes, the cat cemetery, the urinal from Sloppy Joe’s bar that Ernest and his friends dug out one drunken night and placed in his garden, much to his wife’s dismay. We also saw pictures from Oak Park High school in Chicago where Ross went – some years after Papa. We had a great guide who told us about Hemingway’s life in Key West. The story about the ending of his life made a great impression on me. He suffered from being manic-depressive – bipolar we call it today. It ran in his family with several suicides in its wake. Hemingway sought treatment, but the only thing offered at the time was electro shock. The lobotomy destroyed his memory. Without the ability to remember anything he couldn’t write. Hemingway, born 1899, took his own life in 1961. Yes indeed, without our memory we are lost.


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  1. Debby
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 21:03:52

    Key West is a wonderful place. I used to say that I wanted a casita in Northern NM and a bungallow in Key West. 🙂 Great History, Great Place. There is wonderful seafood to sample too. Enjoy yourselves! Much Love to you, Debby xxoo


  2. Mary Reed
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 21:26:30

    Love to you two! Very poinient post!


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